Dessa M

I live in Florida, about 150 miles north of Orlando, Florida.  The town I live in is Yulee, which is really not a "town" it is rather like an "advanced" community which is growing rather fast.

I am married (to the same man for 45 years this past April).  I have one daughter, who is an adult of 36 years old; still lives at home and apparently likes it that way.  In fact she is the reason I actually got into Quilting.

Another tidbit about me is that I live with a house full of animals.  1 six year old tabby cat, 1 three year old Manx-Persian cat, 1 five year old black calico cat, 1 - 11 lb. six year old black Chihuahua , 1 two year old  5 lb black and brown Chihuahua, 1 six ft. tall 66 year old husband and one 36 year old daughter.  Guess which one is the biggest baby!!!

I am an avid reader and have just discovered Gilbert Morris' books.  I am reading the House of Winslow series.  Don't have them all yet, but will get them as I go along.  I also like to paint landscapes, animals, birds and flowers.  (Can't seem to do very well on buildings).  Lately have put aside the painting and concentrated on my quilting.  Quilting is not as messy as painting!

About 5 years ago at her work place a fellow worker brought a quilt project to show and my daughter immediately wanted to go and learn how to do this.  So Mom got dragged  along to the "adult education quilting class".  Once I got there, being a sewer anyway, I was hooked and have been quilting ever since.

I have been retired now for a little over a year and have kept the sewing machine humming.  I usually have 2 or 3 quilt tops "in progress" at all times.  I enjoy sitting at my sewing machine putting pieces of material together and watching them turn into something beautiful.

Patterns Dessa has Tested for The Quilter's Cache!

12 Inch Basket

1941 Nine Patch


A Gaggle of Pinwheels

Album Star

All Ways

Another Pineapple

Arrowhead Puzzle

Art Square

At the Square

Aunt Eliza's Star

Basket of Chips

Baton Rouge Square

Blindman's Fancy

Cain and Abel

Chain and Bar

Chimneys & Cornerstones

Christmas Runner 03

Chris's Star

Church Windows

Churn Chains

Circus Time

Cluster of Stars

Colonial Pavement

Colorado Pass


Corner Star

County Fair

Crossed Roads to Oklahoma

Cross in a Cross

Dessa's Delight

Dewey's Victory

Diamond Panes

Diamond Chain

Doe and Darts

Double Windmill 2

Easy Flower

Fair Play

Flyfoot 2


Flying Four Patch

Flying Shuttles

Fools Square

Forest Paths

Four in the Field

Four Patch on Point

Four Patch Star

Four Queens

Four Squares 2

Fox and Geese

Friday the Thirteenth

Glory in Scraps

Go-Along Star 2

Goshen Star

Grandmother's Choice

Halo Star

Hearth and Home

Hill and Valley

Homeward Bound

Honey Bee

Hopes and Desires 

Hourglass# 4

Illinois Blues

Indian Star

Interlocked Star

Jacob's Strings

Ladies' Aid Block

Land of Liberty

Latticed Irish Chain

Leap Frog

Log Cabin Pinwheel



Mock Logs

My Blue Heaven


Nine O' Clock

Northern Lights

Northumberland Star

Other Side of Paradise

Passamaquoddy Trail

Patchwork Strippy Quilt

Pinwheel 3


Ribbon Cross

Right Hand of Friendship

Sage Bud


Sawtooth Square

Schoenrock Cross

Scrap Diddly

Scrap Madness

Shooting Squares

Signature Block



Star Lane


Steps to the Altar 2

Sweet Dreams

Tam's Patch

That's My Baby

The Grace of God 

The Pride of Ohio

The Dandy Quilt Block

The Scottish Cross

The Wishing Ring

Town Square

Trade Winds

Tulip Lady Fingers

Twelve Triangles


Vines at the Window

Wandering Star

Washington Puzzle

Whirling Hexagon

World's Fair Puzzle