Karlene L

My name is Karlene and I live in Abilene TX.  I moved to Texas from Colorado three years ago and I am still adjusting to the warm weather and still missing the mountains.  This picture is of me and my very best friend Chuck who lives in Montana (one of my favorite places).   My son Andrew and his wife Amy are both in the Army.

I have been making quilts since I was around 6 years old.  No one in my family sewed, but my mother had a sewing machine she used for patching.  It fascinated me so she let me use it and I cut up an old chenille bedspread and some pieces of flannel and put them together for my first quilt, which I still have yet today.  So, I am "self-taught" but sure have learned a lot along the way.  In 1980, I saw a rotary cutter and thought it was ever so much fun and that everyone should have one.  I love to teach quilt-making. Scrap quilts and sampler quilts are my favorites.  I like to make simple quilts just for the pure fun of it and I like quilts to be used and loved so much they wear out.  I feel that God has given me quilting as a gift and this has helped me in the healing process of so many difficult situations that life has hit me with.

I belong to a small quilt group that works year-round on Christmas quilting projects.  I also like to read, sometimes like to knit, crochet, cross-stitch, and embroider.  I enjoy having several pen-pals, one of whom is in Norway.  Mostly, I love to walk and last year I logged over 1200 miles before I had problems with my leg, but I will overcome that and plan to walk at least that many miles again this year.

I have a full-time job, working usually about 50+ hours a week, doing accounting and whatever else I'm needed for in a small business, plus I am in charge of a group of self-storage units so this keeps me rather busy, along with being a secretary on the board of the Homeowner's Association where I live.  I am honored and excited to be a part of helping Marcia to bring quilting to the world through her super website.


Patterns Karlene has Tested for The Quilter's Cache!

10th Star


After the Summer

Air Force Star

Alaska Homestead

Arizona 2

Axe & Churn

Beaded Chain

Bed of Stars

Betty's Delight

Birthday Cake

Blazing Arrows

Blue Chains


Box Around

Braced Star Variation

Broken Path

Caned Seat

Carol's Star

Carolyn's Star  

Cathy's Star

Center Piece



Chinese Puzzle

Christmas Star 2005

Colorado Cabins

Colored Wheel

Color Me Bright!

Crown and Star

Crowning Glory

Crow's Beaks

Cut Glass Dish

Darting Minnows

Denise's Star

Diagonal Paths

Diamond Spools

Dolly Madison's Star #2


Double Melon

Double Necktie

Double Star Chain

Dove in a Window

Dresden Plate

Easter Lily

Eddystone Light

Eight Point Allover

Envelope Motif


Flower of Friendship

Flower Pot

Fort Sumter

Four on the Road


Four Part Strip

Four Patch Fox & Goose

Four Point

Four Squares

Fractured Sunrise

Framed Four Patch

Friendship Name Chain

Friend's Star

Galaxy Star

Garden Patch Variation

Golden Gate

Grandmother's Dream

Grandmother's Puzzle


Hens & Chickens

Hide n' Go Seek

Hollyberry Holiday 

Home Treasures

Hourglass 3

Irish Plaid 

Jack's Chain

Jack's Diamonds

Joseph's Delight

Karlene's Fancy

Kansas Troubles Variation

Katie's Choice

Kings Highway

Kite's Tail

Klondike Star

Lemon Star

Light and Shadows

Lilies Album Block

Lindy's Plane

Links Block

Log Cabin Rose

Log Cabin Stars

Lucky Star

Magic Box

Marion's Choice

Mineral Wells

Miss Molly's Garden

More Pinners

Nine Patch Star

North Dakota

Oak Leaves

Odds and Ends 2

Old Maid's Puzzle 2

Old Maid's Ramble


Party Stars

Path Through the Woods

Pineapple Wreath 

Pines on the Hill

Pinwheel 2

Pinwheel 9

Providence 2

Puss in the Corner 2

Puss in the Corner 3

Queen's Crown

Rally 'Round

Red, White & Blue Sampler

Rick Rack

Sarah's Choice

Saw Blades

Shadow Rays

Single Chain and Knot

Slashed Album

Southern Belle

Southern Pine





Squash Blossom

Stairs to the Stars


Star Chain

Stepping Stones

Stings & Arrows

String Stars 2

Sunny Lanes

Tall Ships 2

Tea Rose

Tenth Square

Temple Court

Tick Tack Toe

The Arrowhead

The Eight Pointed Star

The Last Bastion of the Republic

The Margaret Quilt

The Shoofly Star

The Wishing Star

The Wishing Ring 2

Tippecanoe & Tyler Too 2

Two Patch Quilt

Union Square Variation

Wavy Navy

Wedge and Circle

Wedding Rings 2

Windmill 2

Windmill 3

Windows to the Sky

Woven Rails

Woven Squares

X and Square