This makes a 12" block !

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Click here for the templates!

** Preparing the Pieces and Sewing the Block ** 

Using the templates provided cut four trapezoids and four squares from the Color 1  7" x 23" strip. Then cut four trapezoids from the Color 2  3" x 23" strip-** NOTE ...cut in reverse direction from the way you cut the Color 1 traps! Cut sixteen triangles from the Color 3  3-1/2" x 24-1/2" strip. Lastly, cut eight triangles from the Color 4  3-1/2" x 12-1/2" strip...


Sew four Color 3 triangles to the sides of each Color 1 square, making four of these units, using a scant 1/4" seam. Press seams towards center squares...

* You can paper piece this section if you want-click here!

Now sew together four sets of Color 1 / Color 2 trapezoids in a scant 1/4" seam, pressing seam to one side...

Sew Color 4 triangles to the ends as shown...on to Page 2!



July 20 2006 Marcia Hohn

Original  Block