This isn't really a block...but is another of those "method" lessons!   Great for a "Strippy Quilt" as I show it here, or as borders etc!

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** Preparing the Pieces and Sewing the Block **



Start with any size square. For the sake of this pattern, Let's say you cut 4-1/2" squares...


Then cut, for each pieced vertical row you will have, one square that is 1-1/4" larger than the FINISHED size of your colored squares, so for this pattern a cut 5-1/4" square. Cut this in half on both diagonals to make quarter square triangles for the top and bottom corners of each pieced strip. Also for each colored square that is NOT the top and bottom square of a vertical row,  you will need one square that is 7/8" larger than the FINISHED size of your colored squares, so for this pattern cut 4-7/8" squares. Cut these in half once on the diagonal to make half square triangles. For the bottom block in any row, not shown here, you will have quarter square triangles on two adjacent sides and a half square triangle on the right (See "block" above and look at the bottom pieced square!)...



For the top block of every row. sew a half square triangle to the left, using a scant 1/4" seam allowance. Sew a quarter square triangle to the top and right, as is shown at top left.  Press seams towards newly added triangles. For the other colored squares within each row, sew half square triangles to opposing sides as shown at lower left, again pressing seams towards colored squares...on to Page 2!

Feb 20 2004   Marcia Hohn

Traditional  Block