This makes an 8 " block!

 These days you hear this called Album Block, but in the early 1930's, this was Katie's Choice!

Since my daughter's name is Katie, I really like this name best! :o)

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** Preparing the Pieces and Sewing the Block ** 

Using the templates provided, from Color 1 cut two squares, six small rectangles, and two large rectangles...

Then from Color 2 cut twelve large triangles for the sides, four small triangles for the corners, two squares, and one long rectangle...

Sew two Color 2 side triangles to opposing sides of a Color 1 square. Sew a Color 2 corner triangle to the upper left side, as shown at left. Make two units like this...

Sew Color 2 side triangles to each end of a Color 1 large rectangle. Make two units like this...on to Page 2!

March 23 2003 Marcia Hohn

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Traditional Block