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After many ( MANY...I mean MANY) are some border instructions for you! Note that you still need to decide how big you want your borders, and how you would like to plan out your corners!

Very seldom will your nice little pieced border units come out to the exact size of your pieced quilt top...and this is where the fun begins! No wonder quilters tend towards chocolate...we are always FUDGING! When the sizes are a little off, you have a couple of take up some of your border length (or add to it) with slightly larger or smaller seams in the borders...OR to slightly increase or decrease the size of your quilt top...OR you can add strips to the sides, top and bottom of the quilt top to make it match the border strips...OR make more border units to make it match the quilt top, See? Clear as mud? :o)

Here's a BORDER TIP from Julie, who says: 
"... my suggestion relates to borders such as tipped bricks or braids, where you have to cut off the points 1/4" from the seam line -- a teacher showed me a couple years ago that it is better to draw a pencil line where the cutting line should be, and then sew the next border on (or sew this border to the quilt) BEFORE you cut off all the points. It helps stabilize all those bias edges on the border.  I think it helps, but most of the instructions I've run across don't include this little tip."Thanks, Julie! :o)

Click on the pictures below to get to a brief set of instructions for the construction of each!



For many more border ideas, may I recommend the book: "Pieced Borders:  The Complete Resource" by Judy Martin & Marsha McCloskey, pub. Crosley-Griffith. 

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