Gayle F

Hi my name is Gayle and I live in the quiet little Inland Northwest town of Elk,WA. , about 25 miles north of Spokane.  I have been married 33 years to my DH Rob who sends all my pattern pictures for me to Marcia.  I have 2 daughters left at home out of 5 girls and 1 son, so the house is fairly quiet these days!! 

  We moved to Washington in July of 2004 from Ca and are building a new home that will hopefully be ready by Thanksgiving of 2005.  I have been quilting for almost 10 years now but have been sewing since I was 10.  I also love to crochet, knit and do cross-stitch.  I always have something that I can do! I am looking forward to having a real sewing and craft room in our new home.  I am very limited in space where I am right now.  Testing patterns for Marcia has been a lot of fun and always look forward to the new ones!
Happy quilting! 

Patterns Gayle has Tested for The Quilter's Cache!


Album Twist

Algonquin Charm

Americana Charmer

Autograph Patch

Aztec Logs

Birds in Flight

Blazing Star

Blumen der Liebe

Bouncing Betty


Boxes and Bows

Bread Basket


Broken Heart

Cactus Star

Captain of his Ship


Chain & Cross

Children of Israel

Chisholm Trail

Classic Blue

Crazy Loons

Cross and Crown 2

Crossed Roads

Crow's Feet

Crow's Foot

Cups and Saucers

Dakota Gold


Diamond 4 Patch

Double Star

Dutch Nine Patch

Echoing Diamonds

Ellen's Star

Evening Star

Five Star Block

Focus Pocus

Four in the Night

Framed Star

Godey's Star

Golden Glow

Hanging Diamond


Headed Home

Hearts A 'Fire 

Henry of the West

Honor & Courage

King David's Crown

Leonard in the Sky with Diamonds

Lucky Star

Mighty Star

Mi'kmaq Block


Montana Mountain Maze

Mosaic # 3

Mosaic # 4

Nine Patch Plaid

Origami Star and Cross

Pat's Star

Pine Burr # 2


Pinwheel Skew

Postage Stamp Basket



Quills & Arrows

Quotes & Notes

Rocky Mountain Chain

Rolling Squares

Sail Boat 2

Saint Louis Star 2

Shady Pine

Spider's Den

Spring Bloomers

Star Crossing

Star Shine

Stars in Scraps

Streak of Lightning

String Squares

Stripes and Nine

Stripes A' Spinning

That Thirties Thing

The Coast Guard Star

The Cog Block

The House That Jack Built

The Little Cedar Tree

The Night Sky

The Old Red & Blue

Turkey Tracks

Twist & Shout

Utah Sparkler


Vermont 2

Washington Star 2

Waste Not

Wild Geese Variation