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Number 13....the Next 24 yr 2001 Patterns by Marcia Hohn

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All Hallows Variation Pattern

Arkansas Traveler Variation Pattern

Arkansas Pattern

All Hallows Variation

Arkansas Traveler Variation


Nine Patch Frame Pattern

Amish Basket Pattern

Altar Steps Pattern

Nine Patch Frame

Amish Basket

Altar Steps

Alabama Pattern

Alaska Pattern

Eight Pointed Star Variation 2 Pattern



Eight Pointed Star Variation 2

Logs in Logs Scrap Block Pattern

25 Patch Variation Pattern

Odd Star Pattern

Logs in Logs Scrap Block-Original

25 Patch Variation

Odd Star

Jack in the Pulpit Pattern

Octagon Tile Pattern

Lemon Star Pattern


Octagon Tile 

Lemon Star

Whirligig Pattern

Georgetown Circles Pattern

Palm Leaves Hosannah Pattern


Georgetown Circles

Palm Leaves Hosannah!

Square within Squares Pattern

Spinning Four Patch Pattern

Black Lab Pattern

Square within Squares 

Spinning Four Patch 

Black Lab-Original

Coarsewoven Pattern

Coxey's Camp Pattern

Double Nine Patch Pattern


Coxey's Camp

Double Nine Patch

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