Quilt Blocks Galore !!

Number 12 ....the next 24 yr 2001 Patterns

by Marcia Hohn

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Courthouse Star-Original

Grandmother's Favorite

Apple Block-Original

Chained 5 Patch

Double T Variation

Laced Star

Fish Bowl Pattern

Stars and Diamonds-Original

Fish Bowl-Original 


Six 6" paper pieced notions blocks!


(sewing machine, pincushion, button jar, mini-spool, heart, buttons)

Plaid Scrap Block-Original

Old Maid's Ramble Variation

Rob Peter to Pay Paul

Split Rail Fence


Pigeon Toes

Swing in the Center

Chinese Lantern

Pigeon Toes

Swing in the Center

Chinese Lantern

Star of the East

Scrap Squares

Overall Sam!

Star of the East

This later became a quilt pattern for sale-the store is not currently in operation

Overall Sam

Log Cabin Variation

Iowa Star


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