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 The Quilter's Cache is the mad passion and personal website of one person, me! Some, I think, have been under the impression that The Cache has a staff of workers, and I'm here to tell you that's not the's just me, myself and I, as chief cook, bottle washer, web administrator, pattern designer, secretary, public relations manager and quilter! So, while I LOVE getting mail from everyone...the time has now come that I am getting SWAMPED with it!  Remember, there are a GAZILLION...(seriously!) of you, and only ONE me! first, before you write...Please check to see if your answer isn't already on the website somewhere...the links below may help! :o) Remember, if you are thinking,  ...gee, I'll just ask her to do this one little teeny thing for me...remember, there are thousands of other people thinking the same thing this month!

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Looking for lessons on quilting in general? ...See the Site's Main Page!-drop down list has lessons on Getting started, What to Get, Paper Piecing, Hand Appliqué, and on Binding, as well as a short bit on Color Theory! The How -To's pages have other helpful Pages!

Want to know my Terms/Conditions of Use? ...Go to the Terms Page!

Trying to Calculate Yardage? ...See the Calculating Yardages Page! Please remember...the Quilter's Cache and Quilt Blocks Galore is a Block Pattern site...I don't have full quilt yardages calculated. The page listed here will help you learn how :o)

Trying to find patterns I DON'T have listed? ...Try a major search engine!

Have questions about finding fabric? ...Here's the Fabric information Page!  or a link to different fabric websites!

Have questions about the MUSIC? ... It's a collection of Irish, Welsh, English and Scot's folk ballads, in midi format, made for the computer, but you can probably find SIMILAR music in the Celtic/Folk section of a music store! Wishing there was a way NOT to hear it? Try the Alphabetized List! ( no music on those)...or turn down your speakers :o)

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There are some things you DO need to write about also! 

Title (subject line) your email as listed below help me keep some order! Thanks!

If you have block/quilt pictures to send, please DO send them, putting *The Block Pattern Name* + Picture Attached  in the subject line of the letter.  {ahem...insert the name of the Block pattern/quilt pattern picture YOU ARE SENDING where I Put "The BLOCK NAME"} (further ahem...EXAMPLE: if you are sending a pix of a  Log Cabin quilt put LOG CABIN + Picture Attached in the subject line)

If you need permission to use a block pattern for something not covered in the TERMS /CONDITIONS of USE PAGE  DO write, putting "Permission Needed and *the BLOCK NAME*" in the subject line of the letter. I'll need to know which specific patterns, the kind of group that will be using them, how and where they will be presented, about how many will be working on this...and any other pertinent info before I can grant permission!  {ahem...insert the name of the Block YOU WANT TO USE where I Put "BLOCK NAME"} (further ahem...EXAMPLE: if you are asking to use the Log Cabin Pattern put  Permission Needed- LOG CABIN  in the subject line)


---->FINAL AHEM :o) *the BLOCK NAME* means  the name of the block you are asking about...please do NOT put the words 'The Block Name' LOL! <----


 And MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you just want to write to say hello...STILL DO THAT! I need those letters! They keep me connected, even as the site gets larger and larger! My responses will be slow, but I love writing back and forth with other quilters! Some days, it's these hello letters that give me the strength and encouragement to go on doing this! :o)

Lastly, if you have Truly Looked through all of these links, and haven't found your answer, and this is something you Cannot do yourself ...please do write!   marcia "at-sign" (taking out the spaces and parentheses and substituting @ for the phrase "at-sign") . It sometimes will take me quite a while to answer, but I'll try!

Thanks For All Your Help!

Marcia :o)

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