Michele Y

I live in Northeast Arkansas with my husband and our
two teenagers. We are originally from New York. We
lived in California while my husband was in the Navy.
After he got out we moved back to NY and stayed for 14
years. We just recently moved to Arkansas.
I work full-time as a Teacher Aide, grades 6 & 7.

I started sewing when I was about nine years old. I thought that it was so cool that I could make my own
Barbie doll clothes. My sewing skills were not that great, but my love of sewing had begun.

I just love the endless possibilities of color and design that quilting offers. I enjoy wandering through
quilt shops, and looking through quilt books and magazines.....dreaming up the next project.

I have found that the best part of making a quilt is the smile on that someone's face who receives it and
knowing the comfort that the quilt gives.

Patterns Michele has Tested for The Quilter's Cache!


Alpine Cross

Army Star

Attic Window 2

Aunt Dinah


Bird of Paradise

B is for Butterfly

Beginner's Choice

Blazed Trail

Blooming Squares

Calico Spools

Celtic Sunrise

Center Star

Circling Overhead

Dewy Block

Diamond Strips

Double Crown

Easy Castle Wall

Easy Fish Block

Empire Star

Eyes of March

Five Spot

Florida Star

Flower of Friendship

Four Crowns

Four Goblets

Four Leaf Clover

Four Square

Go-Along Star 1

God's Eye

Grandmother's Cross

Ice Castle

Indian Design

Interlocking Chain

Interwoven Puzzle

Invitation to the Devil

Isle of Skye

Joseph's Coat

Lantern Light

Leaves & Diamonds

Linda's Star

Little Blossoms

Michele's Star

Midnight Moths

Monastery Windows

Mosaic 2

Mosaic Star

My Lucky Stars

No Name Block # 2


Not Too Fussy

Old Favorite

Our Country


Peggy Sue's Braids

Pinwheel 7  

Rail Fence

Ribbons and Stars

Rings in Motion

Rippling Star

Rocky Road to Dublin

Row Houses



Square & Half Square

Squares within Squares 2

Star & Pinwheels

Star & Square


State of Arizona

State of Connecticut

State of Maine

The Alamo

The Chinese Quilt Block

The Marine's Star

The Stanley

Thousand Pyramids

Tilting Four Patch

Tree of Paradise

Triangle Chain

Tudor Rose

Twin Darts

Wavy Square

Weeping Willow

Whirling Star 2