1"  - 6" Blocks


"What are the pins?" ,you ask ?...I am starting to rate these patterns as to their level of ease ...this at the suggestion of  a fellow quilter. Please though, don't let me down and only look at a certain level cuz you are labeling yourself as a 'beginner'!! I think I have explained ALL of these blocks well enough so that any level of quilter can achieve success with them all! ...My guidelines for the rating are this: Just one basic sort of piecing = One Pin ...A couple of different sorts = Two Pins ...Several types of assembly, or many little pieces, set-in seams, etc. = Three Pins!  RED pins mean all or some appliqué!             means this is  available as a QUILT pattern for sale  ...Marcia :o)


1" - 4"

5" - 6"



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