Here's another of those "method" I can't give a size. For a guide, shown at right is 15"  worth of this "block"

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** Preparing the Pieces and Sewing the Block **

First thing you do to make a quilt using this method, is to plan out your quilt...the length and width you want it to be, including overhang on sides and end, and pillow tuck, if you want those. Now, based on those measurements, divide each by 3"...that will tell you how many rows across and half squares down you will need. If it doesn't come out an exact number round UP to the nearest 3". EXAMPLE: You want a pretty standard full sized Quilt, measuring approx 81" x 88" ...divide each measurement by 3" = 27 by 29.333, or twenty seven strips across the bed, and 29.333 units lengthwise...round UP the 29.333 to 30. Drawing this out on graph paper is a good idea! Now you know that you need thirty half squares in each half square row, separated by long rows of solid fabric. Multiply the number of half square rows you will have by 30 in each row, and that gives you the total number of  half squares you need to

To speed piece several half squares at a time, layer two 11-5/8" x 15-1/2" rectangles of Color 1 and Color 2. On the back of the top strip, draw in a grid of  3-7/8" squares as shown at left. Draw in the diagonals as shown. Starting in the upper right corner, begin stitching 1/4" away from the drawn diagonal, following the direction of the arrows, pivoting at line ends until you reach the ending point. You have now stitched on both sides of each squares diagonal  line. Cut apart on each drawn square line and marked diagonal. Press all seams to darker side. This will give you 24 half squares. These should measure 3-1/2" square. Make as many of these half squares as needed for YOUR planned out quilt!...on to Page 2!

May 18 2002 Marcia Hohn

Traditional  Block

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