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Number 45....the Next 24 yr 2005 Patterns by Marcia Hohn

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Split Nine Patch Pattern Game Cocks Pattern Haerth and Home
Split Nine Patch  Game Cocks  Hearth and Home
Birdhouses Pattern Spinkys Pattern Focus Pocus Pattern
Birdhouses - Original Spinkys - Original Focus Pocus -Original  
Double Stars & Diamonds Pattern Twist & Shout Pattern All Squared Up Pattern
Double Stars & Diamonds - Original Twist & Shout - Original  All Squared Up - Original 
More Pinners Pattern Teresa's Guamin' Star Pleasant Paths Pattern
More Pinners -Original  Teresa's Guamin' Star - Original Pleasant Paths
Starry Ways Pattern  Laticed Irish Chain Pattern Beacon Lights Pattern
Starry Ways -Original Latticed Irish Chain Beacon Lights 
X-Squared Pattern Twelve Triangles Pattern Honor & Courage Pattern
X-Squared      -Original  Twelve Triangles  Honor & Courage -Original 
Star in Chain Pattern Tree of Paradise Pattern Framed Cross Pattern
Star in Chain -Original Tree of Paradise 

Framed Cross -Original 

Star Crossing Pattern

Scrap Diddly Pattern

Wonky Spools Pattern

Star Crossing  -Original 

Scrap Diddly -Original 

Wonky Spools -Original 

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