Number 56....the Next 24 yr 2006/2007 Patterns by Marcia Hohn

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Diamonds Pattern Sailboat 2 Pattern Monastery Windows Pattern
Diamonds Sailboat 2  Monastery Windows
On Target Star Pattern Old Maid's Puzzle 2 Pattern Shadow Rays Pattern
On Target Star -Original * Old Maid's Puzzle 2  Shadow Rays -Original
Quatrefoils Pattern X and Square Pattern Bed of Stars Pattern
Quatrefoils  X and Square  - Original Bed of Stars -Original

Abenaki Way Pattern

Abenaki Way - Original 


Wedge and Circle

Four Leaf Clover Pattern The Three Martini Star Pattern Split Nine Patch # 2 Pattern
Four Leaf Clover The Three Martini Star -Original Split Nine Patch # 2
Evening Migration Pattern   John's Pinwheel Pattern
Evening Migration -Original Wandering Star John's Pinwheel

Rick Rack Pattern

 Walls of Jericho Pattern

Invitation to the Devil Pattern

Rick Rack  -Original

Walls of Jericho

Invitation to the Devil -Original

Cabbage Rose Pattern Queen's Crown Pattern
Cabbage Rose The Chinese Quilt Block  Queen's Crown patterns this way!!

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