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Number 32....the Next 24 yr 2003 Patterns by Marcia Hohn

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Island Path Pattern

Utah Sparkler Pattern

North Carolina Star Pattern

Island Path    -Original 

Utah Sparkler -Original 

North Carolina Star -Original 

Cross and Chains Pattern

Fiesta Pattern

Memory Block Pattern

Cross and Chains 

      Fiesta          -Original 

Memory Block -Original 

Indiana Circle Pattern

 Log Cabin Pinwheel Pattern

South Dakota Star Pattern

Indiana Circle -Original 

Log Cabin Pinwheel -Original

South Dakota Star -Original

Liberty Star Basket Pattern

 Snowball 2 Pattern

Pinwheel 2 Pattern

Liberty Star Basket -Original 

Snowball 2 

Pinwheel 2

Old Blue & Yeller Pattern

White House Steps Pattern

Broken Heart Pattern

Old Blue & Yeller -Original 

White House Steps 

Broken Heart 

Florida Star Pattern

Fool's Square Pattern

Whirling Square Pattern

Florida Star   


Fool's Square 

Whirling Square 

Maltese Star Pattern

Kristen's Patchwork Square Pattern

Round Robin 

Maltese Star -Original 

Kristen's Patchwork Square   -Original 

Tradewinds Pattern

Indiana Puzzle Pattern

Nine Patch Star Pattern

Trade Winds  -Original

Indiana Puzzle 

Nine Patch Star -Original 

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