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Number 14....the Next 24 yr 2001 Patterns by Marcia Hohn

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Card Basket Pattern

Album Patch Pattern

Wood Lily Pattern

Card Basket

Album Patch

Wood Lily

Cathy's Campfire Pattern, from Dear Jane

Aunt Vinah's Favorite Pattern

Fort Sumter Pattern

Cathy's Campfire

Aunt Vinah's Favorite 

Fort Sumter

Toad Pattern

Girl's Joy Pattern

Toad in the Puddle Variation Pattern


Girl's Joy

Toad in the Puddle Variation

Great Horned Owl Pattern

Toad in the Puddle Pattern

Calico Puzzle Pattern

Great Horned Owl

for Jeri :o)-Original

Toad in the Puddle

Calico Puzzle

Rocky Road to California Pattern

Pinwheel Star Pattern

Light and Shadows Pattern

Rocky Road to California

Pinwheel Star

Pattern Number 300!!!

Light and Shadows

California Pattern

Morning Glory Pattern

Broken Dishes Variation Pattern


Morning Glory -Original

Broken Dishes Variation

Braced Star Variation One Pattern

Braced Star Variation Two Pattern

Bouquet in a Fan Pattern

Braced Star Variation One

Braced Star Variation Two

Bouquet in a Fan

Bear Paw Variation Pattern

Blocks and Stars Pattern

Basket of Lilies Variation Pattern

Bear Paw Variation

Blocks and Stars

Basket of Lilies Variation

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