A showcase of quilts done by readers from all over!


  Let's start off today with Dottie's Crown of Thorns quilt!
   ...and here's Jessica's Basket Weave quilt!

 Joana's AWESOME Desert Flower quilt is just over the top gorgeous!!

  Here's Kyra's Star Sampler!
  Next in line is Dianne's FABULOUS hand pieced and hand quilted Irish Chain
   Now we have Sue M's awesome Sampler!
   Here's Mary's Easter Garden quilt...no pattern...just Beauty and Inspiration!


  I'm crazy about Emily's great Log Cabin Carpenter's Wheel!
    Here's Cindy's Sampler Baby Quilt! So precious!!
   Another beauty is April's beautiful photo-sampler quilt!
   This is Erin's Batik Swirls...no pattern...it's just cool!
   Feast your eyes on this beauty! Tony's Caned Seat quilt! So great!
   Kathy's great baby quilt! No pattern to share with this one...it's just to enjoy seeing!
   Now here is Pat's Blooming Squares quilt!(she enlarged the blocks, and the quilt is king sized!)
   Terry's Garden Maze Quilt!
   Look at this one! Barbara D's A Japanese Garden quilt!
   This is Jennifer C's FIRST bed quilt! WOW!
   I'm in love with Linda's Hunter's Star Quilt!
   Next in line comes Jitka's That Thirties Thing quilt!
   ...and don't I LOVE Cindy's Bear and Bear Paw quilt!
   This one is Edie's fabulous quilt, made from the diamond templates in the Diamond Strips pattern!
   Here's Sheila F's Eyes of March Quilt!
   Now take a look at Sheila B's Posy Chain Quilt!


 Next comes Kristen's Christmas Star table runner!


 This one is Ginny's awesome Farmhouse block calendar holder!
   Next we have Joy's Swapper's Star Quilt ( A swap on About dot com, back in the day!)

...and this is Fran's That Thirties Thing Quilt...lovely in scraps!

   Take a look at some of Abby's Quilts! First, her Double Irish Chain! Next-her Japanese Lantern!

...and lastly, her Latticed Irish Chain!

   Here's Carol's Depression Quilt!...nothing depressing about this--it's lovely!
   This is Janet's Amish Diamond quilt top -- followed by her Seeing Stars quilt!
   Now take a look at Lyn's (Fun! Fun!) Lone Eagle Quilt!
   Now  here's Roberta's Valley of the Sun Stars Quilt!
  This is Daphne's Squares within Squares 2 quilt! :o)
   ...and here we have Sarabeth's wonderful Simple Rings quilt! {Love the border colors!} Below that, her Anvil quilt!
   These are some of Dagmar's Handiwork- three pillow tops! "Teresa's Guamin' Star" "Thorny Thicket" and "No Place Like Home"
   Now look at Jan's lovely The Frugal Patch quilt, made for a cousin!

 This fabulous quilt is Val's Sunny Lanes quilt, made for her grandson who LOVES orange! :o)

   Here's Joan's Squares Within Squares 2 Quilt, made for her 3 yo Granddaughter!!

This is Sherri's Tesselcats Quilt--and a close up of the little cat faces with eyes, whiskers and tails!!

   Now take a peek at Kimberly's Buzzsaw quilt, which she aptly named A-Buzz about Autumn!
    Next in line is Stephy's Houndstooth Quilt!

Quilts are for sharing !!  :o)  Non-commercial quilters please email me with photos you would like posted at:

marcia@quilterscache.com          Thanks! ..... Marcia   :o)


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