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Number 22....the Next 24 yr 2002 Patterns by Marcia Hohn

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Criss Cross Pattern

Christmas Quilt 2002 Pattern

Crossed Roads to Oklahoma Pattern

Criss Cross

Christmas Quilt 2002


Crossed Roads to Oklahoma

Interlocking Chain Pattern

Chevron Pattern

The Pines Pattern

Interlocking Chain


The Pines

Buzzard's Roost Pattern

City Streets Pattern

Prairie Queen Pattern

Buzzard's Roost

City Streets

Prairie Queen

Twelve Inch Basket Pattern

Checkerboard Pattern

Army Star Pattern

Twelve Inch Basket


Army Star

Bees and Fields Pattern

Cross and Stars Pattern

Diamond Chain Pattern

Bees and Fields

Cross and Stars

* my 500th pattern!

Diamond Chain

Autograph Star Pattern

Cat and Mice Pattern

Spinning Color Wheel Pattern

Autograph Star 

Cat and Mice

Spinning Color Wheel

Rhode Island Pattern

Arbor Window Pattern

State of Arizona Pattern

Rhode Island

Arbor Window

State of Arizona

Worlds Without End Pattern

Navajo Pattern

Scottie Dog Pattern

Worlds Without End


Scottie Dog

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