A showcase of quilts done by readers from all over!


  Let's start off today with Ginny's awesome Farmhouse block calendar holder!
   Next we have Joy's Swapper's Star Quilt ( A swap on About dot com, back in the day!)

...and this is Fran's That Thirties Thing Quilt...lovely in scraps!

   Take a look at some of Abby's Quilts! First, her Double Irish Chain! Next-her Japanese Lantern!

...and lastly, her Latticed Irish Chain!

   Here's Carol's Depression Quilt!...nothing depressing about this--it's lovely!
   This is Janet's Amish Diamond quilt top -- followed by her Seeing Stars quilt!
   Now take a look at Lyn's (Fun! Fun!) Lone Eagle Quilt!
   Now  here's Roberta's Valley of the Sun Stars Quilt!
  This is Daphne's Squares within Squares 2 quilt! :o)
   ...and here we have Sarabeth's wonderful Simple Rings quilt! {Love the border colors!} Below that, her Anvil quilt!
   These are some of Dagmar's Handiwork- three pillow tops! "Teresa's Guamin' Star" "Thorny Thicket" and "No Place Like Home"
   Now look at Jan's lovely The Frugal Patch quilt, made for a cousin!

 This fabulous quilt is Val's Sunny Lanes quilt, made for her grandson who LOVES orange! :o)

   Here's Joan's Squares Within Squares 2 Quilt, made for her 3 yo Granddaughter!!

This is Sherri's Tesselcats Quilt--and a close up of the little cat faces with eyes, whiskers and tails!!

   Now take a peek at Kimberly's Buzzsaw quilt, which she aptly named A-Buzz about Autumn!
    Next in line is Stephy's Houndstooth Quilt!

Quilts are for sharing !!  :o)  Non-commercial quilters please email me with photos you would like posted at:

marcia@quilterscache.com          Thanks! ..... Marcia   :o)


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