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Number 30....the Next 24 yr 2003 Patterns by Marcia Hohn

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Daffodil Wreath Pattern

Easy Spider Web Pattern

Buzzsaw Pattern

Daffodil Wreath -Original 

Easy Spider Web 


Row Houses Pattern

Star Chain Pattern 

Algonquin Charm Pattern

Row Houses  -Original 

Star Chain   -Original 

Algonquin Charm

Farmhouse Pattern

Conventional Pattern

Aztec Logs Pattern

Farmhouse     -Original 


Aztec Logs  -Original 

Nines Askew Pattern

Buckeye Beauty Pattern

Fracture Sunrise Pattern

Nines Askew -Original 

Buckeye Beauty

Fractured Sunrise -Original 

Moon Over the Mountain Pattern

Wild Goose Chase Pattern

Katie's Choice Pattern

Moon Over the Mountain 

Wild Goose Chase

Katie's Choice

Northumberland Star Pattern

Michigan Pattern

Starry Web Pattern

Northumberland Star


Starry Web  -Original 

Antique Tile Pattern

Crown of Thorns 2 Pattern

Mother's Dream Pattern

Antique Tile 

Crown of Thorns 2

Mother's Dream

Log House Pattern

 Crocus Wreath Pattern

Waste Not! Pattern

Log House     -Original 

Crocus Wreath -Original 

Waste Not!

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