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Number 24....the Next 24 yr 2002 Patterns by Marcia Hohn

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and remember, all blocks are a FINISHED 12" unless the patterns themselves tell you otherwise!!

Tallassee Pattern

Vines at the Window

Ohio Schoolhouse Pattern


Vines at the Window

Ohio Schoolhouse

Blindman's Fancy Pattern

Wyoming Valley Pattern

Japanese Poppy Pattern

Blindman's Fancy

Wyoming Valley

Japanese Poppy

Hole in the Barn Door Pattern

Tippecanoe and Tyler Too Pattern

Vermont Pattern

Hole in the Barn Door

Tippecanoe and Tyler Too


The Scottish Cross Pattern

Pieced Tulips Pattern

The Pride of Ohio Pattern

The Scottish Cross

Pieced Tulips

The Pride of Ohio

New York Star Pattern

Hill and Valley Pattern

Garden Gazebo Pattern

New York Star


Hill and Valley

Garden Gazebo

End of the Day Pattern

God's Eye Pattern

Easter Bunny Block and Wall hanging Pattern

End of the Day

God's Eye

Easter Bunny


Weathervane Pattern

Mr.Roosevelt's Necktie Pattern

State of Maine Pattern


Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie

State of Maine


The North Star Pattern

Goshen Star Pattern

Tea Basket Pattern

The North Star 

Goshen Star

Tea Basket

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