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Number 23....the Next 24 yr 2002 Patterns by Marcia Hohn

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and remember, all blocks are a FINISHED 12" unless the patterns themselves tell you otherwise!!

Friendship Star Pattern

 Chain and Bar Pattern

Sweetheart Chain Pattern

Friendship Star

Chain and Bar

Sweetheart Chain

Glory in Scraps Pattern

Navy Star Pattern

Scrap Sampler Quilt Pattern

Glory in Scraps


Navy Star


Scrap Sampler Quilt

Done for Quilt Magazine :o) 

State of Illinois Pattern

Sunny Star Pattern

Easy Pieced Butterfly Pattern

State of Illinois

Sunny Star


Easy Pieced Butterfly


Sage Bud Pattern

Ruins of Jericho Pattern

The Alamo Pattern

Sage Bud

Ruins of Jericho

The Alamo

Album Pattern

Imperial T Pattern

July Fourth Pattern


Imperial T

July Fourth

Idaho Beauty Pattern

State of Georgia Pattern

Dutch Mill Pattern

Idaho Beauty

State of Georgia

Dutch Mill

Easy Fish Block Pattern

State Fair Variation Pattern

Pumpkin Wall Hanging Pattern

Easy Fish Block

State Fair Variation

Pumpkin Wall Hanging

- Original

Double X-3 Pattern

Indian Squares Pattern

Ecomony Pattern

Double X-3

Indian Squares


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