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Number 17....the Next 23 yr 2002-2001 Patterns by Marcia Hohn

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Oklahoma Boomer Pattern

Tall Ships Variation Pattern

Pennsylvania Pattern

Oklahoma Boomer

Tall Ships  


Flying Squares Pattern

Prickly Pear Pattern

Bold Star Pattern

Flying Squares

Prickly Pear

Bold Star

- Original

Roman Square Pattern

Federal Chain Pattern

Geometry Pattern

Roman Square

Federal Chain


Houndstooth Pattern

Star O'er Bethlehem Pattern

Little Basket Pattern


Star O'er Bethlehem


Little Basket


Circle the Field Pattern

The Ozark Trail Pattern

Squire Smith's Choice Pattern

Circle the Field


The Ozark Trail

Squire Smith's Choice

Mrs.Hohn's Diamond Pattern

Cactus Flower Pattern

Pines on the Hill Pattern

Mrs. Hohn's Diamond


Cactus Flower 

Pines on the Hill


Flower of Friendship Pattern

Broken Wheel Variation Pattern

North Dakota Pattern

Flower of Friendship

Broken Wheel Variation

North Dakota

Morning Star Pattern

Sky Rocket Pattern

Morning Star

Sky Rocket

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