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Number 16....the Next 24 yr 2001 Patterns by Marcia Hohn

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and remember, all blocks are a FINISHED 12" unless the patterns themselves tell you otherwise!!

Christmas Quilt Pattern :o) Merry Christmas!

Indian Trails Pattern

Martha Washington Star Pattern

Christmas Quilt

-Original Quilt Pattern

Indian Trails

Martha Washington Star

Broken Path Pattern

Alphabet Block Patterns

Wild Waves Pattern

Broken Path

Alphabet Blocks


Wild Waves

St.Louis Star Pattern

Quilt Border Patterns- Various

Scot's Plaid Pattern

Saint Louis Star

! Borders !

Scot's Plaid

Shaded Trail Pattern

Beacon Lights Variation Pattern

Royal Star Pattern

Shaded Trail

Beacon Lights Variation

Royal Star

Kentucky Chain Pattern

Crab Claws Pattern

Noon and Light Pattern

Kentucky Chain

Crab Claws

Noon and Light

Amish Star Pattern

Triple Irish Chain Pattern

Z _ Cross Pattern

Amish Star

Triple Irish Chain

Z  Cross

Double Friendship Star Pattern

Twist Pattern

Scrap Patch Pattern

Double Friendship Star


Scrap Patch

Silver Lane Pattern

Corner Posts Pattern

Simple Star Quilt Pattern

Silver Lane

Corner Posts

Simple Star Quilt -Original Quilt Pattern

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