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Number 48....the Next 24 yr 2005 Patterns by Marcia Hohn

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Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pattern The Coast Guard Star Pattern Mock Logs Pattern
Four & Twenty Blackbirds   The Coast Guard Star   Mock Logs   
Christmas Star 2005 Quilt Pattern Americana Charmer Pattern Atlantic Seas Pattern
Christmas Star 2005  Americana Charmer  Atlantic Seas 
The Attraction Block Pattern Cats in the Corners Pattern The Stanley Pattern
The Attraction Block  Cats in the Corners  The Stanley
Rolling Star Pattern Halo Star Pattern On A Clear Night Pattern
Rolling Star    Halo Star    On A Clear Night 
Jacob's Strings Pattern Ribbon Puzzle Pattern Eight Sides 'Round Pattern
Jacob's Strings  Ribbon Puzzle  Eight Sides 'Round 
Circling Overhead Pattern Patio Lights Pattern Blazing Star Pattern
Circling Overhead Patio Lights  Blazing Star 
Old Maid's Rambler Pattern Compass Star Pattern Turning Star Pattern
Old Maid's Rambler Compass Star  Turning Star 
The Star of the Alamo Pattern My Blue Heaven Pattern Wedding Rings Pattern
The Star of the Alamo My Blue Heaven  Wedding Rings 

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