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Number 46....the Next 24 yr 2005 Patterns by Marcia Hohn

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Star Patch Pattern Miss Molly's Garden Pattern Applecore Pattern
Star Patch  -  Original Miss Molly's Garden -Original  Apple Core 
Navy Squares Pattern Four Crowns Pattern Steeplechase Pattern
Navy Squares -Original  Four Crowns -Original  Steeplechase 
Gristmill Pattern Hexed Stars Pattern Flyfoot 2 Pattern
Gristmill  Hexed Stars -Original  Flyfoot 2
That's My Baby Pattern Squirls Pattern Sparks Pattern
That's My Baby  Squirls - Original 

* my 1100th pattern!

Sparks - Original
Washington Star 2 Pattern Hourglass 2 Pattern Christmas Stocking Block Pattern

Washington Star 2 

Hourglass 2 

Christmas Stocking - Original 

Right Hand of Friendship Pattern Kansas Troubles Variation Pattern Corner Star Pattern
Right Hand of Friendship  Kansas Troubles Variation  Corner Star

Diamond Strips Pattern

Lantern Light Pattern My Favorite Quilt!  Pattern

Diamond Strips - Original 

Lantern Light - Original My Favorite Quilt -Original 
Stars in Scraps Pattern Darting Minnows Pattern The Queen's X Pattern
Stars in Scraps - Original  Darting Minnows The Queen's X - 

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