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Number 20....the Next 24 yr 2002 Patterns by Marcia Hohn

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and remember, all blocks are a FINISHED 12" unless the patterns themselves tell you otherwise!!

Half Log Skew Pattern

Crossroads Pattern

A Japanese Garden Pattern

Half Log Skew

- Original


A Japanese Garden

Mother's Own Pattern

Devil's Puzzle Variation Pattern

Paper Pinwheels Pattern

Mother's Own

Devil's Puzzle Variation 

Paper Pinwheels

Tree Everlasting Pattern

Lattice Square Pattern - Easy Version

Four Patch Nine Pattern

Tree Everlasting 

Lattice Square

Four Patch Nine

Applique Rose Pattern

Carpeneter's Square Pattern

Susannah Pattern

Appliqué Rose  

Carpenter's Square


Drunkard's Chain Pattern

Four Corners Pattern

Carrie Nation Pattern

Drunkard's Chain


Four Corners

Carrie Nation

Bow Pattern

Hope of Hartford Pattern

Flight of Swallows Pattern


Hope of Hartford

Flight of Swallows

Churning Sun Pattern

Odds 'n Ends Pattern

Picket Fence Pattern

Churning Sun


Odds 'n Ends

Picket Fence

Lone Eagle Airplane Pattern

Broken Sugar Bowl Pattern

Goose Creek Pattern

Lone Eagle Airplane

Broken Sugar Bowl

Goose Creek

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