This makes a 12" block!

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** Preparing the Pieces and Sewing the Block **

Start by using the picket template provided to cut out four units each of Colors 1 and 2...

ALSO, cut one large Color 3 square, using the template provided! (Not Shown)

Then either use the small square template provided...or...from a 3-1/2" x 14" strip, cut four 3-1/2" squares...

Now take Color 1 picket units and line up the points right sides together. Stitch from the upper edge, starting 1/4" in from the edge of the unit, using a 1/4" seam, to the point. Backstitch at the beginning of that seam. Press to one side. Place the Color 3 corner square right sides together against the lower inner corner of the unit just sewn. Stitch from the left edge to a point 1/4" in from the corner. Open up the seam you just sewed and press towards the dark side. Fold the unit to the right to line up the un sewn edges. Stitch from your last stopping point to the top edge of the unit. Press seam towards right picket. Make another unit like this, and two more using Color 2 pickets...on to Page 2!

April 18 2002 Marcia Hohn

Traditional  Block

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