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Here's Day 5 in the Twelve Days of Christmas Series! I thought you might like a simple one to finish this project off! :o)

This is an original pattern. Please abide by the Terms and Conditions of use! :o)

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** Preparing the Pieces and Sewing the Block **

I suggest for this one, since there are once again many pieces, that you print off several copies of the templates. Darken the outlines for each piece you will need ...cut out ...add the 1/4" seam allowances. Note that the bow is cut out all in one piece.  I didn't list it as a needed color, but you will also need an 8 1/2-9" square of white background fabric! 

Follow the directions below for order of placement :o)

Centered on an 8 1/2"-9" square of white background fabric, lay out the rings, first the four outer rings, with the center ring atop them.  Pin them in place and appliqué them to the background, using thread to match the piece being sewn on...

Next, pin on the bow and appliqué it in place, using thread to match ...

Now add the holly leaves, with the left and right ones on first, and the center one on top. Appliqué them in place using thread to match...

Lastly, pin on and appliqué three holly berries at the stem end of each leaf group, using thread to match...AND, YOU ARE DONE!! about we turn these puppies into a QUILT? :o)

Here's one that Nancy made!   Linda's!

Well here she is ! WOAH, you say? about that Center Medallion!?

And now the mystery is revealed, and perhaps you see why this has taken me so long :o)

CLICK HERE to get to the Center Medallion Pattern!

Here's Eva's tablecloth!  Linda's  Bev's!  Charlene's!   Regina's!

Once you are done with this quilt, you will have completed your first "Baltimore Album" type quilt (some of you!)...and you should be VERY PROUD!! To make the quilt as shown above, you will want to square off each of the Day's blocks to a consistent size...hopefully 8"!...and square off the center medallion to a 16" block, then add border strips around the center medallion in the same white fabric you used as a background. Lay your Day's blocks out beside it until you have them equally spaced. Cut sashing strips the width needed ( plus your seam allowances) and sew these strips to your Day's blocks. Join the four blocks in the top row. Join the two side pairs, and then sew each side pair to one side of the center medallion. Sew the last four blocks into the bottom row. Edge the quilt in a manner that pleases you!...and CHERISH this quilt! I am SO HAPPY for all of you!!

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