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This is day nine in the Days of Christmas Series! All of these, thus far, are 8-9 inch blocks...

This is an original pattern. Please abide by the Terms and Conditions of use! :o)

Click the image at left for printable templates!



** Preparing the Pieces and Sewing the Block **

Again, since there are many pieces, print off several copies of the templates. Darken the outlines for each piece you will need...cut out...add the 1/4" seam allowances. Dotted lines on the templates show pieces that are underneath other pieces. I didn't list it as a needed color, but you will also need an 8 1/2-9" square of white background fabric! You'll also need some  embroidery floss that matches your skin color to embroider the lady's legs, and some black floss, or whatever color you like to embroider the facial details, and some Bolero colored floss to embroider the detail on the upper arm :o)

Follow the directions below for order of placement :o)

On the 8 1/2"-9" square of white background fabric, lay out ALL the pieces, so that you can arrange them where you like them best. Remove all but the right arm, the head, and the legs. Pin them in place, tucking her streamers under the hand first, and appliqué them to the background, using thread to match the pieces being sewn on. You can appliqué down the streamers to the right of the hand, but pin the long ends out of the way over on the right somewhere for the time being!

Now pin on the hair, the right side of the bolero vest, and the lowest tier of the skirt, and appliqué them in place, using thread to match ...

Then pin on, in this sequence, the next tier up of the skirt, then the next tier up, then the highest skirt tier, and put the dress bodice atop that. Appliqué them in place, using thread to match ...

Next, swing the streamers up into place under where her upper am/hand will fall...*note: if they got wrinkly while pinned out of the them, so they will lay flat in place! them across the front of her skirt. Pin on the arm, and then pin on the left side of the bolero vest, and appliqué them in place, using thread to match ...

Then, using black floss, embroider her eye, eyebrow and mouth, or use floss colors that you prefer to those! Using floss to match the bolero, embroider the detail of the sleeve; I suggest a backstitch for that arm definition. Then , using floss to match the skin color, detail the legs, again, using a back stitch. That lady is now ready to Dance! Congratulations!! :o)

PS... I am a firm believer in dancing shoes!

Here's one that Nancy made!


Now...I am going to do something different, and NOT show a quilt of this yet

...I have in mind doing all Twelve Days of Christmas!

Stay Tuned! :o)

in the meantime...Happy Quilting!

Marcia :o)

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