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This is the Center Medallion for the Twelve days of Christmas Quilt! This makes a 16" block!

This is an original pattern. Please abide by the Terms and Conditions of use! :o)

This time, because of the size of the block, there are FOUR templates needed. Click the links below for them.

Template One   Template Two

Template Three   Template Four


** Preparing the Pieces and Sewing the Block **

I suggest for this one, since there are once again many pieces, that you print off several copies of the templates. Darken the outlines for each piece you will need ...cut out ...add the 1/4" seam allowances. Refer to the templates to see which pieces are underneath other pieces. Make one extra set of four templates and tape them together along the red quadrant lines. Use this as a placement guide. I didn't list it as a needed color, but you will also need an 16 1/2-17" square of white background fabric! You'll also need some black floss to embroider the music lines, notes and clef, and floss to match the lyre base.

If you want a sneak preview of what the whole block will look like, CLICK HERE. Do NOT try to print out this one though, it is WAY too Large an image to print, and hence may take a while to load, also!

Follow the directions below for order of placement :o)



Find the center of the background square and mark lightly. If you prefer, you can lightly draw the basic placement of your pieces onto the background. You may lay the cut pieces on the background to see if you are satisfied with the layout, and then remove all but the music book and rings. Applique these in place using thread to match the pieces being appliquéd on. Note that the center ring goes down first, and then the next two out from it, and then the last two out. Embroider lines notes, etc, on the book using backstitch and black floss.


Checking your master template for placement. lay on the cross bar and pin in place. Applique down with thread to match the crossbar. Next pin on and appliqué the two lyre "horns". Now pin on and appliqué the lyre base. Using floss to match it, embroider lines to indicate it's sections, in backstitch. If you prefer, you can machine stitch on those lines!


Now pin on and appliqué the lyre body. Pin on and appliqué the thin lyre "strings".

Then pin on and appliqué the mistletoe leaves stems and berries, using thread to match...

Now pin on and appliqué the bow...

And lastly, pin on and appliqué the holly leaves and berries to make a wreath around the whole center motif. Trim it back to a 16" square if necessary... Now ...Let's make a QUILT!!

CLICK HERE to go Back to Day Five in the Series, that shows ...drum roll please...THE QUILT! :o)

Here's one that Linda made!

**IDEA** this would make a wonderful Pillow also, maybe with gold braid all around it**

Oct 18 2000Marcia Hohn