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Color 1
Color 2
Color 3
Color 4
Color 5
Color 6

This makes an approx. 8" block!...and is the companion to The First Day of Christmas


This is an original pattern. Please abide by the Terms and Conditions of use! :o)

Click the image at left for printable templates!

** Preparing the Pieces and Sewing the Block **


Start by laying out your templates on the correct fabrics, being sure to add 1/8"-1/4" for turning under. I didn't list it as a needed color, but you will also need an 8 1/2-9" square of white background fabric! Follow the directions below for order of placement :o)


On an 8 1/2"-9" square of white background fabric, lay out ALL the pieces, so that you can arrange them where you like them best. Remove all but the leaves, pin them in place, and appliqué them to the background, using thread to match the leaves...

Next pin on the branch, and appliqué it in place, using thread to match the branch...

Now pin on the bird's bodies, and appliqué in place using thread to match the bodies...

Add wings, using thread to match the wings...

Lastly, add the berries, using thread to match the berries. Embroider on the eyes, using backstitch for their outlines, and satin stitch for the eye...

Here's one that Nancy made!   Linda's!


Now...I am going to do something different, and NOT show a quilt of this yet

...I have in mind doing all Twelve Days of Christmas!

Stay Tuned! :o)

in the meantime...Happy Quilting!

Marcia :o)

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