This one is for Janice! Cut A LOT of scrap strips. They can be most any size really, as long as they are three times as long as they are wide. A nice workable size is 2 1/2" x 7 1/2"...

This is another of those METHODS, rather than a real "block", it's size, is however large you want to make it! :o)

Please abide by the Terms and Conditions of use! :o)

** Preparing the Pieces and Sewing the Block **

Sew the end of one scrap to the end of another, right sides together, and using a SCANT 1/4" seam...

Next, line up another strip even with the left end, and stitch this on. Continue to build in this manner, adding another strip...

another and another, until the strip is a LONG as you want your quilt to be. Have an even number of strips on each side when you get done...

Now use your rotary cutter, mat and ruler to cut off the sides of your  strips, keeping in mind that I show a short length here. Yours will be bed length! 

Piece the strips side to side to make your quilt, and you are ALMOST DONE! Now you need to trim the top and the bottom of the top, using your rotary cutter and ruler so that your quilt is nice and even! Isn't this a great one?! 

Happy Quilting Folks! ... Marcia :o)  

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 August 28 2001 Marcia Hohn

Traditional Block

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