Deb S

I'm 49 years old. My hubby and I live in an old house in Illinois, with our cats. We have 2 sons and1 daughter. Between them we now have 5 grandsons and one granddaughter! I work as a cashier at Gordon Food Service.

I'm know as MeMaDbi on the quilting forum at

I've been quilting since 1990. A friend of mine told me to just do it after hearing me complain about wanting to learn to quilt for so long. I devoured every book and magazine that I could get my hands on to teach myself to quilt. Sometimes I walked out of the library with 10 or more books. I've grown to love quilting dearly.
I'm happy to be back with Marcia testing patterns.

Patterns Deb has Tested for The Quilter's Cache!

Album Variation

Baby's Best

Cat and Mice

Children's Delight

City Streets

Cotton Reels

Cross & Ring

Delaware Star

Double Cross

Double Stars & Diamonds


Field of Stars

Flies in the Barn

Follow the Leader

Framed Squares

Fruit Bowl

Garden Gazebo

Gay Two Patch Quilt

Indian Mats


Johnny Round the Corner

Lazy Daisy

Maltese Cross and Star

Midsummer Night

Miller's Daughter

Moon & Star

Mrs. Taft's Choice


Pinwheel 5

Road to Stardom


Scrappy Star

Signature Chain

Silly Chicken

Snowball 2

Stars & Nines

Star of David

State of Illinois

Wedding Rings

Widowers Choice

Yellow Dervish