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Number 39....the Next 24 yr 2004 Patterns by Marcia Hohn

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Paws Pattern

Cups and Saucers Pattern

Depression Block Pattern

Paws, for Obi 1 

Cups and Saucers


String Quilt Pattern

Four Patch on Point Pattern 

The Night Sky Pattern

String Quilt 

Four Patch on Point

The Night Sky -Original

Memory Pattern

Prairie Flower Pattern

Evening Star Pattern


Prairie Flower 

Evening Star 

Rocky Mountain Puzzle Pattern

Olympia Variation Pattern

Paper Stars Pattern

Rocky Mountain Puzzle 

Olympia Variation -Original 

Paper Stars   -Original 

Star of Bethlehem Pattern

Whirling Star 2 Pattern

Five Spot Pattern

Star of Bethlehem 

Whirling Star 2 

Five Spot 

Another Pineapple Pattern

Children's Delight Pattern

Pinkham Notch Pattern

Another Pineapple -Original 

Children's Delight 

Pinkham Notch -Original 

Four Patch Pins -Original 

 Another Easy Butterfly Pattern

Pinwheel Skew Pattern

This later became a quilt pattern for sale-the store is not currently in operation

Another Easy Butterfly 


 Pinwheel Skew -Original 

Washington Puzzle Pattern

  MardiStar Pattern

Spinning Tops Pattern

Washington Puzzle

 MardiStar    -Original 

Spinning Tops -Original

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