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Number 26....the Next 24 yr 2002 Patterns by Marcia Hohn

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and remember, all blocks are a FINISHED 12" unless the patterns themselves tell you otherwise!!

Beginner's Delight Pattern

Crow's Foot Pattern 

Temperance Tree Pattern

Beginner's Delight 

Crow's Foot 

Temperance Tree

Four Queens Pattern

Ozark Maple Leaf Pattern

Morning Stars Pattern

Four Queens 

Ozark Maple Leaf

Morning Stars

Pattern # 600! 

Kwanzaa Pattern

Bird of Paradise Pattern 

Fancy Flowers Pattern



Bird of Paradise 

Fancy Flowers

Country FarmPattern

Road to Stardom Pattern

Church Pattern

Country Farm 

Road to Stardom




Montana Mountain Maze Pattern

W.C.T.U. Pattern

Friday the Thirteenth Pattern

Montana Mountain Maze



Friday the Thirteenth

Rooftop Capers Pattern

Box Kite Pattern

Weeping Willow Pattern

Rooftop Capers


Box Kite

Weeping Willow

All Ways Pattern

Clown Patch Pattern

Cookies 'n Milk Pattern

All Ways


Clown Patch 

Cookies 'n Milk


Nutcracker Pattern

Menorah Pattern

Fireplace Pattern







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