This makes an approx 16" block, and is another of those METHOD THINGS, rather than a block pattern ! 

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I have to talk a bit before I start this one! First...everyone needs to put on their Stretch and Grow Hats! This quilt is made to help us get over our compulsive need to MATCH fabrics, and to work spontaneously! A quilt of it would be a wonderful way to cut back the stash to a room's worth, or to display bits of family member cotton clothing. If you look at a single "block's worth" you may agree that it's kind of in your mind...think QUILT for this one! It's also not FAST to make. Things worth waiting for are often painstaking!...This is a GOOD thing, I believe! So...I am going to present it as a Brown Bag Quilt. Cut out all the fabric circles and curved squares, and put them in a brown bag each, by size, and RANDOMLY...use whichever piece comes out! Ok...on we go! :o)

** Preparing the Pieces and Sewing the Block **


For the foundation of the blocks, cut a DARK colored fabric into 16-1/2" squares, preferably navy or black...for a crib-ish size cut 16 of these squares, Twin = 20, Full = 25, Queen = 36, King = 49


For each 16-1/2" square you cut, cut four template A large circles, four of each circle on the template B page, and ONE of each curved square on the template C page, adding the seam allowances to that one (C) unit. The rest already include seam allowances. We'll go back and cut the tiny circles on the template A page in a little bit...


For each large circle, you'll need a circle of the same size of very lightweight interfacing. Sew this to the right side of a large circle using a 1/4" seam, all the way around. Now make a slit through the interfacing only, turn right side out, press and place in the correct Brown Bag! Do the same with the medium and small circles...we're still waiting on cutting the tiny circles!

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Oct 17 2003 Marcia Hohn

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