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Sew a Color 1 rectangle right sides together to the left edge of the center pinwheel unit, stopping at a point on the seam line 1/4" from the bottom edge of the square. Press seam towards rectangle. Now add a Color 2 rectangle to the top, and press that also towards the  newly added rectangle. Add a Color 1 rectangle to the left in the same manner. Now add a Color 2 rectangle to the bottom edge, stopping at that same 1/4" point. Fold the left edge of the block over, right sides together, to line up the remaining un-sewn part of the seam and stitch... 


Next add Color 1 trapezoids to the top and bottom edges. Press seams towards traps. Add Color 2 traps to the left and right and press towards those...



Time to paper piece your four corner units. Once that is done, add them to the corners of your block to finish it off!    . 

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April 30 2006 Marcia Hohn

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