Split Rail Fence - Page 2

Sew two units as shown at left, comprised of three rail strips and two two color strips each...


Join the four units into rows, and then sew the rows together to make the block :o) 

The quilt, as shown here, is just four blocks by five, with rail colored strips as a border, and Color 3 binding....this would make a wonderful man's quilt!

Happy Quilting All!

Marcia :o) 

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Here's one that Barb made!

** Supplies List **

Color 1 Color 1 needs: one 1- 1/2" x 45" strip
Color 2 Color 2 needs: one 3" x 27- 1/2" strip
Color 3 Color 3 needs: one 1- 1/2" x 30" strip

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Jan 29 2001 MHohn

Traditional Block

pattern from http://www.quilterscache.com