Patience Block - Page 2

Now sew Color 2 half square triangles to opposing sides of the block's center square, and then two more triangles to the adjacent sides. Press seams towards triangles. 

Next place a Color 1 small square right sides together atop a Color 2 corner triangle, with outer edges aligned. (I show them slightly staggered here) On the back of the top square lightly mark the diagonal. Sew ON this diagonal marking. Cut off the excess seam allowance. Press the remainder towards the small triangle. Repeat this with another Color 1 square on the other four corners...

Now lay out all units as shown at left. Sew the shorter side strips to the sides of the center unit, then add the top and bottom rows. Congratulations on learning another block!


Here are nine Patience Blocks set on point!

Happy Quilting!

Marcia :o)

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Here's Ruthie's!

April 27 2006  Marcia Hohn

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