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To make the next row, sew one of the larger Color 3 squares to the right side of a vertical Color 1 octagon. Add a Color 2 octagon, another Color 3 larger square, and another Color 1 octagon. Press all seams towards the squares...


Now makes the remaining rows as shown at left...


Join the rows by placing the top row over the second row, and using the same 1/4" seam, sew from the left edge to the first seam line, pivoting, sewing to the next seam line, pivoting, etc. all the way to the edge. Do the same with subsequent rows. :o) 

This gives you an idea of what your quilt would look like. When making a quilt, rather than just a "blocks" worth....work with rows as wide as you want your quilt to be, adding pieces in the same way you did in the instructions above, just continuing your rows out wider. Add borders, or not, as desired!

Happy Quilting Everyone!

Marcia :o)

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Here's one that Mary made!

April 19 2001 Marcia Hohn


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