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November 3, 2023



  MY it has been a Loooong time since I last wrote a letter!{Dec 2021!!-tell me time doesn't FLY!}


   It was just 25 when I stepped outside this morning, to find that the work crew is here to start doing a temporary fix on our barn roof. The poor old thing has been leaking for SO many years without repair that it is IN PERIL. The company that jacked the camp this summer is here to (hopefully) get it shored up enough to last until Spring, when they can fit us in for repairs! EVERYONE--keep your fingers crossed on that!! ..and Bless Those Guys that are doing the Work!

   This morning, I stirred my stumps and got a couple smallish Garlic Cheese boules going to have with lunch today ( plus one for the freezer) I mostly followed this recipe from Leisa Sutton at Sutton's Daze. That is one forgiving recipe that takes changes well, and it is much quicker than some breads! In this case I am leaving out the jalapeno powder, and adding 1 C+ of fresh shredded cheddar/monterey jack!  It all worked out well that yesterday when I was canning split pea soup-one jar didn't seal= instant lunch for today!...and even better - that pushed the planned lunch forward to tonight, so there are two meals all set to go! I had quite a few roasted potatoes left from supper last night, so will caramelize some onions to add to those, fry a couple eggs, and Breakfast~for~supper is ready! :)  AHA!  I see I forgot to slash the tops! oops...it was super tasty and fresh though, so all is forgiven! As often as I make bread, I rarely make it to eat right then...wow...what a treat!

   Later on this month we are heading down to Kate's for Thanksgiving. It's time to see those grandchildren, AND MY baby! I love going down there anyways: Fall is my favorite season, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! AND...I love that area in the Berkshires! We lived there for several years when we first came home from Germany, so there are lots of great memories! Until then...I have a GOAL!!...to get the dining room table here at home CLEARED of canned goods I brought home from summer canning at camp- it's my life story- so we can actually have a dining room table for Christmas!  I work S.L.O.W...L.Y.

   ...and now what do you know? I have a new Lyme disease infection! JUST what the doctor did not order! The good news is that we caught this one early on, and so an appropriate length of antibiotics should nip it! Again...fingers crossed! Remember your tick checks people!


   I have still not been working on any quilts! We could have a field day analyzing this--what IS it that causes a "writer's block"?... a lack of motivation/energy/desire to work on artistic things?  Suffice it to say. just haven't felt like it.

   This poor God's Eye has been hanging, partly done on the upstairs hall design wall for how long? 6 years?  I even love it! Just can't seem to get up there and SEW!


   It sure isn't to say I have lost interest in QUILTS though! A favorite of mine is Cheddar quilts. If you like them too, here's a wonderful rabbit hole to head down, for you Pinterest folks!   Of course I love Cheddar...I love FALL!

   Now then...as is generally the issue, I can't think  of anything else to write about! Brain dead, perhaps!

    'til next time then!

 Happy Quilting All!

 Marcia :o)

  " If we don't change direction soon, we'll end up where we're going". Prof. Irwin Corey 

I think we have done just that :o( -Marcia







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