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  • Spoon Theory-Living with Chronic Illness   For those of you who know a Lyme Affected Person, and to help you more understand what life is like for your friend or loved one, here's an great explanation about chronic illness. This particular person has Lupus, but you will get the idea.

  • Coping Skills -from the Invisible Disabilities Association of Canada

The Virtual Store for Lyme Sufferers-Comedy!

We may as well laugh when we can!

Tick Testing Services Locations
Analytical Services (VT)
Igenex (CA)
Clongen (MD)
Imugen (MA)
University of Mass. at Amherst (MA)

  • What to do if you get bitten   One person suggests this...if you are in an area where the medical community is less-than-willing to treat Lyme...

  • "Get Ticked off and B.L.A.S.T."!... The last word stands for an acronym to remind people how to keep themselves safe from Lyme disease:

    - Bathe or shower soon after coming indoors.

    - Look for ticks and remove with tweezers.( including the head and SAVE THE TICK if at all possible!) 

    - Apply repellents for skin and/or clothing. DEET is your friend in this case!

    - Spray the perimeter of your yard for ticks.

    - Treat your pets with a product recommended by your veterinarian.


  • How a Tick Can Make You Sick: Lyme Disease Prevention Lesson for Children and Adults

  • July 1, 2008 WNYC reports that Lyme Disease has surpassed AIDS and TB as the fastest spreading infectious disease in the U.S. The Center for Disease control estimates that there are 200,000 new cases of Lyme a year. Recognizing that the CDC is not currently in perfect agreement with the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society over the definition of Lyme, with the CDC being the more conservative, the true numbers are most likely staggering :o(