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ANOTHER thing to consider, is that there are several ways in which you can piece Log Cabin to begin with...the ones I have just shown are quite straightforward ...perhaps the most common of the layouts...

or, by piecing your fabrics top and bottom then left and right--and continuing in that fashion, rather than adding strips clockwise...you wind up with what is called COURTHOUSE STEPS...



> By adding strips clockwise as I originally showed, but using the same fabrics all the way around each row...you will get what is sometimes called AROUND THE WORLD

...even more dramatic, perhaps, if done in less colors...>




<---OR, another choice, called a LOG CABIN FOUR PATCH, is done in quarter sections, by adding only two rows of contrasting fabrics to each of four center squares, then these four quarters are sewn together to make the block.

...Or you can Spiral the colors and make a GREEK KEY!( here the center square is the same width as the logs) --->

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Sept 1999 Marcia Hohn


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