This makes a 12" block!

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I have hesitated thus far to do a pattern on Log Cabin, but had a request to, so here goes! 

Or: Click here for a 7" paper pieced Log Cabin template

This is one of those patterns so steeped in tradition, that I approach it in almost awe, reverence, for all the generations of families who slept snuggly under a Log Cabin. I am a sap for history!! Certainly it is one of the most versatile of patterns, as you see all manner of things done with it these days...rabbits...houses...etc. For me, I love the traditional red center, and "logs" made of hand- me- downs. I urge you though, to let your imagination go wild with your fabric choices...and whatever you will, be GREAT!...ok...let's get on to the pattern!!

You will need  one Red 2-1/2" square AND and five LIGHT value fabrics of your choice, cut in 1-1/2" widths, plus five DARK value fabrics, cut in the same widths ...lengths of these strips will vary from 2-1/2" to 12-1/2"--to be safe, cut both lights and darks as long as you can.

 **  Constructing the Block  **

 Starting with a 2 1/2" length of your first dark fabric, with right sides together, and using a scant 1/4" seam, sew this to the TOP of your center block. Square off end if needed. Press the seam to the outside ...

 Then, add the second strip of your first dark to the right hand side of this new block...(about 3-1/2" long strip)

 Working in a clockwise direction, continue to add strips...the next will be your first light fabric( about 3-1/2" long)...square off as will be adding two lights, two darks, two lights, two darks, etc...until you have five strips on each of the four sides surrounding the center "chimney" 

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Sept 1999 Marcia Hohn

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