Leap Frog - Page 2


Sew Color 2 quarter square triangles even with the bottom narrow edge of four Color 1 small rectangles. Press seams towards rectangles. Make four corner units like this. 


Now sew the remaining four Color 1 rectangles to opposing sides of the two small Color 2 squares, pressing seams towards rectangles...


Sew two corner units to each rectangle /square unit we just made. Squares this off to measure 4-1/2". Make two units like this...




Now lay out all the units we just pieced, and the Color 2 rectangles and extra Color 1 square. Sew three horizontal rows, pressing the top and bottom row seams to the outside, and the middle row seam to the center! This Leap Frog Block is complete!! Good Job!!

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TIP**When sewing together rows of sewn together units, have the seams of the units nested into each other...One seam facing one way, one the other...pin there if needed....so that the unit lines match up well after it is sewn!

Feb 1 2003 Marcia Hohn


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