Grandmother's Fan - Page 2

Next mark the centers of the convex (corner) and concave (fan) pieces where they will join...
Match the fan concave edge to the corner convex edge, right sides together pinning at the center and edges or more as needed, to distribute fan around the arc. Stitch on the 1/4" line. Press fan blade ends under a scant 1/4"...

Now place the completed fan atop a 12 1/2" background square. Tuck in lace or Rick Rack, if you will be using them, at this time. Stitch or baste the fan within the 1/4" seam line along the right and bottom corners. Hand appliqué the fan blades and lace down.  That's it!  :o) ...on to Page 3!
Feb2000 Marcia Hohn

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