Double Irish Chain - Page 2


Then sew together two Color 3  2" x 10" and the Color 3 5" x 10" strip, as shown at left, using all SCANT 1/4" seams. Mark and cut apart at the 5" point...




Now...we piece all the strips! Referring to the diagram at left for placement, sew the previously made strips together along the sides, using all SCANT 1/4" seams. Make two of these corner squares...


Sew the last two corner units following this left hand diagram...


Now piece the block, by first making two rows, and then joining the rows. Again, use all SCANT 1/4" seams. Alternate pressing directions with each addition....on to Page 3!

What's with those SCANT 1/4" seams???

Each time we press over a seam allowance, a teeny bit of fabric is used up in the fold-over...using a SCANT 1/4" seam (a couple threads less than a full 1/4") helps to compensate for the block width lost in your pressing! :o)


July 27 2000 Marcia Hohn

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