Christmas Star 2008 - Page 4

...and  make two blocks in this color arrangement! Again, sew units together by row, and then join the rows. Press the top and bottom row seams to the outside, and the middle row seams to the center...



Next sew two shorter pieced Border units as shown at left, using the Color 2, 3 and 4   2" x 14" strips. Press seams towards the outside strips...




 Now we need to piece the remaining Border strips! Starting with the Color 2 (light green) pair shown immediately above at left. Lay two of the Color 2  2" x WOF strips right sides together at right angles to each other, letting the ends extend a little in each direction. Pin these together. Now draw a line on the back of the top strip that connects the upper left corner to the lower right corner, and sew ON that drawn line. Cut off the excess seam allowance and press the remainder to one side. This will give you one Long Color 2 Strip with a diagonal seam. Press. Make another Long Color 2 Strip from the last two 2" x WOF strips.  Cut these Long Border Strips to 54" each. Repeat this procedure to make two more 54" Border strips of Color 3, and of Color 4...Also make two Long Border Strips using two pairs of Color 5  3-1/2" x WOF strips. Piece, press and cut those to measure 63" ...on to Page 5!


September 10 2008  Marcia Hohn

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